This is not safe for work and if you are under 18, get the fuck out! This is my temple of Asian worship. There is not a single pixelated or blurry pussy photo and to take it a bit further, every photo on the site has a hot Asian pussy in it. No other Asian site can make that claim!

So, over the next several days, I'll be posting a donate button on this site and each day, I'll give you a different reason why, in top ten form.

Reason One: Although I don't own any of these photos, I have created a blog that is tuned to your tastes in porn. There are no surprises. In fact, the blogs I run, which follow thousands of other blogs, may be the only ones you need to follow on tumblr. So enjoy!
And please feel free to donate.

Reason Two: No obvious comments - in fact, aside from this outright begging for a donation, you will never find a comment on this site. It's a fucking photo blog with hot women.

Reason Three: No photosets - not because they are all bad but because they don't view well if you are perusing the archives - and because most of them aren't that good.

Reason Four: You get the goods - no hiding what they have. No blurring, no pixelation, no hints, and absolutely no panties.

Reason Five: This is where you finally let whatever you've been stroking cum.

Reason Six: Longevity

Reason Seven: No ads

Reason Eight: I sift through the bad porn so you can have nothing but the best.

Reason Nine: Because I scrape the bullshit other bloggers add to their posts so you see just the credits.

Reason Ten: When I say the site has a focus, I post what I say. For instance, if I say this site is for Asians, then all you'll find is Asians. If I say it has women over 30, it is only women over 30. When I say it is a site focused on girls between 18-30, that's all you'll find. 
A donation for my hard work would be nice.

Visit my other sites (that may contain some Asian hotties not found here). I Am Always Amazed: hotties aged 18-30, Old Enough to Know: hotties over 30, NSFW - The Deviant Side: hotties who are kinkier, You Came for the Cock: hotties using cocks, NSFW-Video Overload: hotties who might be women, men or otherwise doing hot things to women, men or otherwise but in video form of varying lengths, and the newest blog focuses on Asian sex: MyAsianWeakness-TheSexEdition. You should be following them all!

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